Welcome To the revIvelife™ supplement pharmacy.
We are a specialized pharmacy for a full spectrum of well researched Natural Health Products (NHP) which include homeopathics, botanicals, vitamins and minerals. Supplements can vary dramatically in potency and purity , thus revIvelife™ does the research for you and only selects products based on quality, GMP certification research, standardization, simplicity of use and cost. All of our products are distributed by Health Canada approved distributors that maintain an active Site License and each product has : a Submission number , EN number or a NPN number from Health Canada which assures you the highest of quality. Time is taken to ensure what is on the label is in the product.

The items prescribed by your revIvelife™ Team Professional may be filled at any location of your choice. The revIvelife™ supplement pharmacy can provide delivery right to your door for any of your Natural Health Products. Considering joining The revIvelife™ program for further discounts.