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What you should know about public liability insurance is that it is something you absolutely must have if you have a shop that is open to different customers throughout the day.

What it does is two-fold. One, it protects you from any claims of damages to the property because of your business. Two, it protects you from claims arising from injury endured by your customer.

public liability insurance example

In order to fully appreciate the benefits of having this type of insurance, imagine that you are the owner of a cafe. You have a sign on top of the door, however, for some reason or another, the sign is not secure enough it flew and landed in a parked vehicle on a windy day. The damage to the car cost over $2,000 to repair. On another day, one of the customers fell to the ground because the chair he was sitting on collapsed. He has bruises and because of shock, he is thinking of suing you.

Now imagine that the cost of the claims in the two cases was paid from out of your own pocket. We really do not need to tell you that the cost is expensive. And if your cafe is your bread and butter, you will definitely feel the pinch of the costs.

Thankfully, if you had the good sense to get public liability insurance before starting operations, you wouldn’t be worrying about any of it. The only thing you will need to worry about is apologizing to the aggrieved party and make sure there is no bad blood and the bad rumor that will circulate against your business.

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So, when you are ready, make sure to get a quote for this type of insurance. It’s fairly easy to get it. You just need to contact a reputable insurance provider and aware you about all policies and its benefits.