D-Mannose Health Supplements

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Carubinose, D-Manosa, Mannose, Seminose


D-mannose is a simple sugar associated with sugar and found in several fruits. It occurs naturally in certain cells within the body.

Health Benefits:

D-Mannose can help in preventing urinary tract infections (UTI) which includes  acute pain, itching, burning, urinary inconsistency, by binding to germs. These bacteria cling to the urinary tract lining and causes disease.

Moreover, due to the usage of full-spectrum  herbal ingredients, it aids in immediate and lasting prostate support.     It can also improve the urinary system using combat E and proper pH balance. Coli bacteria build up without antibiotics. What’s more, the  exceptional mix of vitamin Mannose with calcium stearate contributes to fighting the problematic bacteria quickly. Additionally, it may also help to regain liver Power and Digestive Functions. Some other benefits are mentioned below.

1- Carbohydrate-Deficient Glycoprotein Outcomes:

D-mannose is helpful for the treatment of a rare disease known as carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome type 1b. This rare disease is inherited down through families. This makes you protein paralyzed throughout the intestines. While according to some reports D-mannose slows this down deficiency of protein and makes your liver  perform much better. As well as, it may also decrease bleeding disorders and  reduced blood sugar   levels in individuals having this particular disease.

2- Probiotic:

Prebiotics are chemicals, which helps the body by stimulating the development of “good” bacteria in the digestive tract. According to some reputable studies D-mannose may play a very important function as a “prebiotic.”

In certain laboratory experiments and studies in mice, the components of D-mannose have been shown to raise the creation of “good” bacteria. So, this indicates D-mannose may have any benefits for those who have dysbiosis, whilst dysbiosis is an imbalance in positive and negative bacteria.

Negative Effects

D-mannose appears to be likely safe for most adults when taken by mouth in appropriate quantity. It can cause loose stools and bloating in certain rare instances. In large doses, it may damage the kidneys. So be cautious concerning the dosage of this supplement or consult a health care provider before choosing D-mannose supplements.

Warnings and Special Precautions

Pregnant and breast-feeding Women:

No specific research concerning the usage of D-mannose during pregnancy as well as breast-feeding. However, to be on safe side, avoid using D-mannose whilst breast-feeding and pregnancy.


A number of this research indicates that D-mannose can make it more challenging to control blood sugar level especially in individuals with diabetes. Consequently, if you’re a diabetic we recommend you to prevent using D-mannose because as mentioned above it’s a sugar associated with sugar, which is detrimental for a diabetic person.


True to our claim, we made this product with 100 % organic ingredients to help keep you away from any side effects.   Click here to visit our benefits chart for additional information.

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